"The answer to The Selfish Gene"


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Paton Lecture

Genes and Causation

Biophysics and Systems Biology

"Letter from Lamarck"

Selfish genes

Molecular Systems Biology

Systems Biology: an approach

Selfish genes: are they of any use in physiology?

A Theory of Biological relativity

Physiology is rocking foundations

Evolution evolves

Evolution beyond neo-Darwinism

Origin of Epigenetics


Music of Life Sourcebook

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100 pages of detailed experimental evidence


Dance Sourcebook

The set of articles giving detailed evidence for Dance to the Tune of Life


Questions on evolution article and debates


Answers to questions on evolution

Margulis-Dawkins debate

Commentary on Margulis-Dawkins debate





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"The genome is an organ of the cell" (Barbara McClintock, Nobel laureate)

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New  Podcast on Exosomes






Evolution Conversation at EB2015 in Boston



Dialogue on Neo-Darwinism



"What is Life" Lecture Karolinska Institutet





THE THIRD WAY: a resource on Evolution




Evolution Answers pages now fully navigable



philosophical and social inadequacies of neo-Darwinism


Presdidential plenary at IUPS Congress 2013


Physiology moves back onto centre stage

The opening plenary lecture to the highly successful International Congress of IUPS (over 3000 delegates) held in Birmingham in July 2013 was delivered by Denis Noble to a packed auditorium following an introductory talk by Sir Paul Nurse, President of the Royal Society. The lecture proposes a new integrative synthesis between physiology and evolutionary biology. It has been published as an open article in Experimental Physiology which can be freely accessed here: article. Answers to questions frequently found on blogsites discussing the video and the article can be found here . An earlier video of the lecture can be found at PhysocTV.




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