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A translation into German is being prepared. Meanwhile you can obtain the English version on Amazon.de. And the review below appears on that site.

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Life after HUGO, 20. August 2008
Rezension bezieht sich auf: The Music of Life: Biology Beyond Genes (Taschenbuch)

The Human Genome Project is basically finished and most of the promises that were made are not fulfilled: There are no wonder drugs that stop aging, there is no large scale cloning or genetic engineering of our offspring. "That's because we still don't understand the genome well enough", is the normal answer to such criticism. "That's because life is more than just genomes!", is an answer Denis Noble might give.
The music of life is an easy to read introduction into the relatively new branch of systems Biology. In this approach life isn't so much seen as a process governed by genes, but the focus rests on the interaction of the different parts of a living system within itself, as well as on the interaction of a lifeform with its environment. Genes are still there, but they don't govern. They only work in relation and concert with the other parts of a living system. Thus the analogy "Music of Life".
As far as I see this is probably the most promising branch for the next revolution in Biology. So read this easily accessible book and be ahead when people start asking: "What is that systems biology thing about?".

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